My Bio


Musically speaking, I love it all. I play all kinds of music, including jazz, folk, funk, western swing, country, bluegrass — and more. It’s hard to pin down exactly what my favorites are; I guess you could say I believe variety is the spice of life. I never want to settle for the same old song and dance.

Collaborative Projects

One of my claims to fame, you might say, is my ongoing collaborations with the many talented musicians from the South Carolina Upstate and beyond. I have worked with musical veterans such as Jeff Sipe (Aquarium Rescue Unit) and Bobby Lee Rogers (The Code Talkers), and many more. I also am a founding member of the bands The Work, The Bad Popes and Simple Syrup.

As you can see from my event calendar, I play a lot of gigs around the Upstate. Check out me weekly residency at Smiley’s Acoustic Cafe, in downtown Greenville. You can catch me there every Tuesday evening,  performing with local, regional, and national artists.

Some names you might recognize are Daniel Hutchins of the band Bloodkin, Marcus King (The Marcus King Band), or Nicky Sanders of Steep Canyon Rangers. It’s different every week, so it’s always fresh, never stale!

CH-inred-pedalsteelYou never know who I might be playing with or where, so bookmark my calendar. Or better yet, join my mailing list and I’ll let you know about upcoming dates as I schedule them.

I love creating new and unique sounds with an ever-widening roster of talent. I see the quest for great music as a never-ending adventure. And I have a LOT of fun doing it!


Out of this odyssey have come three solo albums.  None of these albums would be possible without the help of some amazing artists!

  • I put out a jazzy Christmas CD called “We Three Kings,” which features Yonrico Scott (from the Derek Trucks Band) and keyboard legend Ike Stubblefield.
  • “Instruments of Peace” is musical journey all its own that spans many American genres. On it you’ll hear 21 talented musicians, including Grammy winners and nominees such as Kofi Burbridge and Jeff Sipe.
  • “Spirituals,” has been described as “12 tracks of soul-stirring grace that take you back to the last time you were moved by music.” Yonrico and Ike rejoined me on this disc.

albumcover-instrumentsofpeaceThere are samples from all my albums on this site. You can listen to them right here or click through and check them out in more detail. They’re available both by download and physical disks.

In addition to these solo projects, I’ve also written songs  for and performed on  three other albums; three  with The Bad Popes,  one with The Work, and another with Simple Syrup. You can also hear me playing (and sometimes singing) on numerous other projects, for example Yonrico Scott’s “Be in my World Today” and Matt Reynold’s “Been Long Gone.”

And More!

Not content just playing and recording, I also occasionally try my hand at other forms of media. In a partnership with the website, I host a podcast called “The Downtown Jam.” This is an hour-long broadcast we do once a month, in which I  interview musicians from around South Carolina, and jam with them, too. It’s a lot of fun!

As if all this weren’tI also teach guitar (beginner and advanced!) at Pecknel Music here in Greenville. If you know someone looking to learn, drop me an email.

I also like to give back, so helped raise money and awareness for charities in the area, including the Ronald McDonald House and BreastFest Greenville, a breast cancer education organization working to raise money for patients at Greenville Health Systems.