Solo Work


This follow-up to We Three Kings came out in 2010. Grammy Winner Yonrico Scott and Ike Stubblefield joined me again on this spiritual journey through such classics as Kum-By-Ya and I’ll Fly Away.  Let these 12 soul-stirring tracks take you back to the first time you were moved by music.

We Three Kings

This 2009 release is a Christmas album, but don’t let that fool you! Its jazzy-funky vibe will make you  want to keep playing it over and over, throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Instruments of Peace

A musical journey that spans all of american genres. This album includes well written Insrumentals and Vocals songs. Artists on this album: Kofi Burbride (keys, flute) Count M’butu (percussion), Yonrico Scott (Drums), Jeff Sipe (Drums), Mike Bagwell (Pedal Steel, Dobro), Shannon Hoover (Bass), Joseph Patrick Moore ( Bass), Vic Stafford (Drums), Keith Davis (Keys), Carlos Fernandez (Percussion), Mike Holstein (Bass), Scott Mills (Saxaphone), Chris Garrett (Bass), Doug Jones (Vocals), Tracy Littlejohn (Drums), Johnny Mosier (Guitar), Jessie Brickhouse (Vocals), Andrea Christopher Snipes (Vocals), Jef Chandler (Vocals), Kris Hyatt (Drums), David Sims (Vocals)